Olympus ODMS R7 Single License for Transcription Module (AS-9002)

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Olympus ODMS R7 Single License for Transcription Module (AS-9002) - Version 7.4.4

The Olympus ODMS R7 transcription software can receive files via email, a shared network folder or FTP.  Each file is tagged with the authors name, priority level and work type. Encrypted (256bit AES) files can also be transcribed with the correct password.

New with version 7.4.4 is the ability to record your Video Conference Calls - This feature is ideal for recording the audio in a virtual meeting.

Compatible with the following products:
DS-9500/9000 • DS-7000/3500/5500 • DS-5000(iD)/3400 • RM-4110S/4100S/4015P/4010P/4000P • DR-2300/2200/2100/1200 • RS31H/28H/27H

Classic Transcription

Automatic Transcription


Advanced Voice Transcription

Key Features

  • Transcription Software for PC
  • Playback Bar
  • Receive files by email, Network,FTP
  • Playback of Encrypted 256bit AES files
  • Works with RS28/RS31 foot controls
  • Compatible Dragon Software:
    Dragon Professional Individual/Group 
    Dragon Legal Individual/Group 



Olympus ODMS R7 is compatible with

Windows 10
Windows 11

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