Olympus CR15 Docking Station


£83.99 inc. Vat

(£69.99 ex. Vat)


The Olympus CR15 docking station is compatible with the new Olympus DS7000, DS3500 and DS2500 digital recorders. It is multi-functional and connects via USB cable to your computer so you can download your voice files quickly and easily.

While your digital recorder is in the docking station, the battery is charged automatically via USB. To charge the batteries faster, please use the optional A517 AC adaptor. This connects to the back of the docking station.

The Olympus CR15 also allows hands free dictation. The optional Olympus RS31 footswitch, when connected to the docking station, controls the recorders play/record/FF/FW functions.

Key Features

  • Compatible with DS3500 - DS7000 - DS2500 Digital Recorders
  • Fast download via USB connection
  • CHARGE indicator light
  • TRANSFER indicator light
  • Hands free dictation with optional footswitch
  • 2 charging options: via USB or AC Connection


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