SpeechLive Bundle: 500 Minutes of Speech Recognition


Save time and maximise the efficiency of your workflow using SpeechLive’s Speech Recognition capability - offering 95% accuracy through their advanced speech recognition software, allowing you to convert your voice into text in real time - or within minutes when you use pre-recorded audio files. 

With SpeechLive, you have access to all of your dictation files anytime you need them - even if you don’t have internet access. Simply start working in local mode, and you can synchronise all of your dictation files when you get online again. Your files will be kept safe from unauthorised access as a result of SpeechLive’s highly secure online storage, working with maximum connection security using the HTTPS protocol. All of your data will be automatically encrypted, while server mirroring will keep it reliably secured and available at any time.

With SpeechLive you’ll be ready to go straight away, because no local server infrastructure is required. Whether you’re a one-man business or running a company with several employees, your files will always be available regardless of changes to your IT environment, with browser access to all functions and dictations. Your entire workflow can be managed from your web browser - which means there’s no need to install complicated software.

Setting up SpeechLive is extremely easy - and very quick - with a fast and intuitive installation process that will have you up and running within minutes. If you need assistance, we’re authorised to offer local support and help you make the most out of your new SpeechLive subscription.

If you’re working with a transcriptionist, SpeechLive is built to maximise the efficiency of your workflow - the software is designed to seamlessly integrate with the new ergonomic foot control, enabling transcriptionists to start and stop playback with a tap of their foot. 

If you’re already subscribed to SpeechLive, you can add Speech Recognition to your account by signing up for our latest bundle. The package includes SpeechLive Speech Recognition for one year, available wherever you take your iPhone or Android using the Professional Philips dictation recorder app.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about the SpeechLive Speech Recognition bundle, or check out our full catalogue of products and services online.

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