Philips LFH3210 SpeechMike III Classic


£222.00 inc. Vat

(£185.00 ex. Vat)


The Philips LFH3210 SpeechMike III Classic (INT) delivers excellent speech recognition capabilities, an antimicrobial surface for improved hygiene and refined ergonomics. The superior microphone reduces background noise and is optimized for speech recognition. The built-in headset socket allows you to attach the noise-canceling headset for hands-free recording in a noisy environment. Designed and tested and proven by users to have the most comfortable fit in the human hand.The trackball uses a laser sensor that allows precise cursor movements. It contains an integrated confirmation button for simple control of PC functions.

The Philips LFH3210 SpeechMike III Classic has preconfigured buttons for direct control of Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software.

Philips LFH3210 Buttons

Key Features

  • Preconfigured buttons for Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Noise-canceling microphone for accurate speech recognition
  • Integrated sound card and speaker for crystal clear playback
  • Can be fully integrated into existing workflow systems
  • Comfortable ergonomic design for one-thumb operation
  • Antimicrobial surface for improved hygiene
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