Olympus DS7000 Standalone Transcription Kit


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Olympus DS7000 Standalone Kit

Olympus DS7000 Standalone Recorder & Transcription Kit is a simple no installation, no integration dictation and transcription system.

Included in the Standalone Kit is a docking station for the Olympus DS7000 Recorder. The foot control plugs into the docking station and the headset plugs into the headset socket on the recorder.

To transcribe the audio files, place the DS7000 recorder into the docking station, the typist controls the playback of the recorder with the foot control. No transcription software needed.

Perfect for situations where a simple setup is all that's needed or IT have locked down the computers and software is not allowed to be installed.

The Olympus DS7000 will be configured to operate in transcription mode before it is sent out to you.

This kit does not include ODMS Dictation Software

Key Features

  • Standalone Kit
  • Playback of recorder is controlled by the foot control
  • Headset plugs into recorder
  • No software needed
  • Dual SD and microSD card slots
  • Records in DSS Pro or DSS,
  • Durable, precise slide switch controls
  • 256bit Encryption with DSS Pro
  • Full Metal Body
  • Dedicated docking station
  • Flexible dictation tagging (with DSS Pro)
  • Geared for Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Device lock by PIN Code
  • Editing Functions (overwrite/insert/delete/security lock)
  • Convenient PC data transfer via USB
  • Customise functions to user needs
  • Hands free dictation with optional foot switch
  • Full integration into professional workflow
  • Included Accessories:
    CR15 Docking Station
    RS31 Foot Control
    E102 Headset
    4 GB SD Memory Card
    KP21 USB Cable
    A517 Mains Unit
    LI-42B Rechargeable Battery
    CS137 Leather Case with Belt Clip
    Quick Start Guide
    Instruction Manual
Olympus DS7000 Recorder
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