Olympus DR2100 System Edition


£118.50 ex. Vat

(£142.20 inc. Vat)


The Olympus DR-2100 RecMic System Edition is the next generation of Directrec USB microphone, with a smooth and rounded back for comfortable hold, with an excellent interface layout featuring.

The DR2100 System Edition does not come with dictation software. If you already have Olympus ODMS dictation software installed, or a third party system such as Winscribe, then this is the microphone to buy.

The Olympus DR2100 is also engineered to work with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software and delivers perfect results that are more accurate than ever. A powerful and integrated speaker with digital volume control supports a clear playback.

Key Features

  • Slide Control
  • Symmetrical and ergonomic design for comfortable hold
  • Directional microphone to reduce undesired background noises
  • Engineered to work with Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Powerful integrated speaker for clear playback
  • Built-in volume control for convenience
  • 5 programmable buttons for customised workflow
  • Programmable multi-coloured LED (red, green, blue)

Olympus DR2100 RecMic
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