Olympus DP311 Digital Recorder


£41.99 ex. Vat

(£50.39 inc. Vat)


Olympus DP311 Digital Recorder

The Olympus DP‑311 recorder makes it very simple for absolutely anyone to get to grips with high‑quality recordings.

The Olympus DP311 has large, easy‑to‑follow buttons and a choice of three recording modes, Conversation, Loud Sound and Dictation for different recording situations that can be selected simply by rotating the mode dial.

All recordings are organized by date, and found through the calendar search function which makes it quicker than ever to locate the files you saved.

2GB built in memory can be expanded with SD cards.

Enjoy all the benefits of digital recording with all the simplicity of an analogue recorder.

Mode wheel has 3 different settings: CONVERSATION, LOUD SOUND and DICTATION

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